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DPhil Student - Computer Vision
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Second year DPhil student in computer vision and machine learning at the Visual Geometry Group, University of Oxford, supervised by Prof. A Zisserman. My primary resesarch areas are long-range video and story understanding as well as computer vision for wildlife applications.

Sometimes I do other things, like climb rocks, and post about it on my blog.


DPhil Student, Computer Vision - University of Oxford
Oct 2019 - Current

Machine Learning Research Associate - SAP
July 2019 - Oct 2019

Master of Engineering Degree – University of Oxford
Oct 2015 - June 2019

Consulting Services

Machine Learning in Industry

Experience in feasibility studies and proof of concept. Previous clients include financial software services and agriculture.


Over 300 hours of tutoring experience in maths, physics, coding and university admissions.


Frozen in Time: A Joint Video and Image Encoder for End-to-End Retrieval
Max Bain, Arsha Nagrani, Gül Varol, Andrew Zisserman
Preprint, 2021  
A joint image and video transformer encoder for end-to-end retrieval.
Condensed Movies: Story Based Retrieval with Contextual Embeddings
Max Bain, Arsha Nagrani, Andrew Brown, Andrew Zisserman
ACCV, 2020   [Oral]
A large-scale story understanding dataset and a text-to-video retrieval method utilising context from many minutes of video.
Count, Crop and Recognise: Fine-Grained Recognition in the Wild
Max Bain, Arsha Nagrani, Daniel Schofield, Andrew Zisserman
ICCV Workshop, 2019   [Oral]
Fine-grained recognition of animal individuals without explicit detection.

Jumping out of a plane.

  • Sicily, Italy.
  • 11 Aug, 2020.

Falling at 14,000 feet was surprisingly peaceful. If you're in Sicily and looking to skydive, I highly recommend Skydive Sicilia.


  • Seoul, South Korea.
  • 26th Oct - 2nd Nov, 2019.

Korean BBQ V Dank
Kimchi Dank

The UK is Rather Cold.

  • Ban-y-gor, Wye Valley, UK.
  • 20th Oct - 2nd Nov, 2019.

The Blessing 5c Onsight
Morning Winpenning 5c Onsight


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